Founded and owned by a Registered Massage Therapist of over ten years, Equilibrium has been built on a strong foundation of quality care and experience.  By definition, Equilibrium translates as ‘a state of rest or balance’.  

By attending Equilibrium for your personal care and wellness, you will be working with a co-operative team of skilled healthcare practitioners. We believe that a team approach is a balanced approach. Your therapist may cross-refer with one of the other professionals in our office, to ensure you return to living a strong and healthy life as soon as possible. Many of our existing clients begin with one treatment method, and then combine a few to achieve and maintain their wellness goals. You can feel confident that your treatment plan will be comprehensive and complete, and based on your personal needs.

I was going to Equilibrium for massage therapy due to back pain and migraines and was experiencing positive results. My massage therapist however wanted to see me get 100% healthy and recommended I try Craniosacral Therapy with another therapist at Equilibrium. It changed my life. The treatment was gentle yet highly effective. I used to get at least one horrible migraine a week but I haven’t had a single one since receiving Craniosacral Therapy. In conjunction with acupuncture and the help from kind, well-trained, sincere, and knowledgeable staff, I am well on my way to becoming a healthier and happier self. I would highly recommend you check it out!
— Pamela Gwen

From the moment you enter our centre, you will find within all areas, we strive to create a balanced experience from beginning to end.  You will begin by filling out a patient history, and will be invited into the cozy sitting area by the fireplace.  Your therapist will then welcome you into the centre where you will receive therapy in one of our clean but comforting treatments rooms.  Only environmentally friendly detergents are used, for those with skin sensitivities.  From moment to moment, you will find that a balanced environment has been created for all.