Direct Billing Program

Reaching out to as many people as possible is our passion. However, we do understand that paying for treatment up front and then waiting for your Insurance Provider to reimburse you, can sometimes make things difficult. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a Direct Billing Program to those with Blue Cross and Great West Life Insurance Coverage for Massage Therapy.

How Can I Use the Direct Billing Program?

In order to serve you best and ensure that we have all information needed to submit to your insurance and track it on your behalf, we ask that you please fill out our application form. We require 3-6 business days prior to your treatment appointment to create your profile. Please contact our office to find out how you can apply today!

How Does the Direct Billing Program Work?


Once you have filled out our application form and been approved, you will have an ongoing profile with our front office administration. You will be required to pay any and all deductibles and/or percentages not covered by your Insurance Provider. For example, if 80% of your Massage Therapy treatment is covered by your Insurance Provider, then you will be required to pay 20% up front following your treatment.

Why Can I Direct Bill for Massage Therapy, but not Acupuncture?

Due to the nature of many acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine treatment plans, you may visit our office more than once a week for multiple weeks. We wish that we could support direct billing for you, but simply do not have the man power for that much paperwork. Unfortunately, we are not set up with an electronic system like you may find in your dentist office, and therefore would not be able to meet the demand of that many submissions. We thank-you for your understanding in this regard.