Prenatal Massage Therapy

Equilibrium has four Registered Massage Therapists on staff (Jenna McMahon, Dana Sawatzky, Mary Neufeld, and Jensen Fridfinnson), that each have chosen clinical focus in the treatment of the pregnant body. Jenna and Dana have each expanded their knowledge and certification to also provide labour and delivery support. This means they have made the choice to direct their therapeutic practice towards aiding and abetting the many soft tissue responses that the human body experiences during pregnancy. They have taken post-graduate training and certification to deepen their understanding of both the physiological and anatomical structures involved in pregnancy. 

Why Choose a Pre-Natal Massage Therapist?

Pre-Natal Massage Therapists have chosen to specialize in the treatment of the pregnant body. In order to do this, a Pre-natal Massage Therapist must have taken post-graduate training and certification to deepen their understanding of both the physiological and anataomical structures involved in pregnancy. Through this they also gain knowledge of the many pathological conditions that can arise during pregnancy. This allows your Pre-Natal Massage Therapist to tailor your therapeutic treatment specifically for your own changing body. While a Registered Massage Therapist can deal with standard imbalances within the body with competence, it is recommended that you choose a Pre-Natal Massage Therapist for the duration of your pregnancy.

What Symptoms can be Treated?

Some women find pregnancy particularly challenging as they are forced to discontinue the usage of medications utilized prior to becoming pregnant. Whether these medications were used for chronic pain management, allergies, or even the common cold, your Pre-Natal Massage Therapist can offer you many natural treatment alternatives. 

The following conditions (to name a few) can be addressed though massage therapy:

  • sinus congestion due to colds + allergies

  • migraines + tension/hormonal headaches

  • muscle cramps + spasms

  • pain in both groin + pubic bones due to overstretched ligaments (pubic symphysis disorder)

  • low back pain

  • mid/upper back pain due to added weight of breast tissue + growing abdomen

  • sciatica

  • edema (swelling expecially in the lower limbs)

  • pregancy-induced carpal tunnel

Another important benefit of massage therapy is the relief of stress. As the body changes, regular daily living patterns have to be altered, and as your hormones fluctuate, it is important to nurture yourself. Your Pre-Natal Massage Therapist can not only assist in providing you with physical therapeutic support in this regard, but educate you on self-care techniques as well. This will help you to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for a successful labour and delivery.