Dana Sawatzky

Registered Massage Therapist


Dana graduated in 2013 from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies (WCRMT), with a known interest in Prenatal Massage specialty. In school, Dana focused her studies in pregnancy and labour support relating to clinical treatment. Once she joined the Equilibrium Team, Dana moved directly in a mentorship program with Jenna McMahon to begin to hone her skill as a Prenatal Massage Therapist. Jenna and Dana now work alongside one another, and have a passion for further deveoping a supportive prenatal and birth support department within Equilibrium.

Over the past three years, Dana has spent time continuing her education at WCRMT in both Prenatal Massage Therapy and Labour and Delivery Support
As a life long learner and has given part of her energy to exploring the transition a body undergoes during pregnancy and childbirth. She has been honoured to have attended over a dozen births with that number still increasing. 

Prenatal work is only a portion of what Dana does, she wholeheartedly invites anyone to experience the relief and relaxation that massage therapy can offer. She provides a safe space for anyone to encounter their bodies with compassion and understanding.